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It was a beautiful weekend for the 49th Annual Beef-a-Rama!  Thank you to all those who came out and took part in this year's event!

BEEF-A-RAMA 2013 Awards

Rare Division (1st Time Roasters)

1st Willow Haven Bar and Grill
2nd Julie Kay’s Kitchen
3rd Island City Ice Cream


Seasoned Division (1-9 Years Roasting)

1st Redman Realty Group
2nd Leisure City
3rd Minocqua Lake Condos


Well Done Division  (10 or More Years Roasting)

1st First Merit Bank
2nd Golden Karat Jewelers
3rd No Sweat Clothing

Best Dressed Stall

1st Ross Sportswear
2nd Twisted Widdlin’ Fool
3rd Trig’s 

Title Sponsor

Minocqua Beef-a-Rama Title Sponsor - Trig's


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